I have been using the make up products now for seven months and they are part of my daily makeup routine. I love that I always receive compliments while wearing it. Along with their liquid concealer, which does a phenomenal job of covering the dark circles under my eye. These two products work magically together and always helping me look my best.

As well as their lipsticks and eye shadows, they are truly gorgeous and come equipped with ideal pigmentation and smooth finish. I have noticed with Beauty Konture, I always receive smooth, quality finish. Whether it's with their foundation, lipsticks or eye shadows, Beauty Konture creates the best quality makeup for women to look picture perfect.

Thank you!

Adriana Michelle

I have used Beauty Konture products when they were located in a flea market. When I found out they had moved to a online store as well because I love their makeup and the great service I always received. I contacted the company spoke to them, she requested that I send her a Picture of me, after doing so they sent me samples for me to choose from and that she felt would compliment my complexion.

I must admit I have tried other concealers but NONE!! can hold a candle to there product. I am truly happy that I am able to order there products online.

In my Opinion and from personal use of there product there is nothing out here to compare, I am forever a Beauty Konture Customer, I am very Happy. Thank You so Much.


Channel Francis
I've used Beauty Konture cosmetics for over 109 years; since I was 18 years old. IO er the years, I have received many compliments on my makeup and my skin and I am always proud to say, "It's Beauty Konture". The colors I use are perfect for my complection and enhance my beauty. I've tried other main stream products but none of them ever compared to Beauty Konture. I love ther products!

Stacey-Anne Johnson
My mom has suffered with bad acne ever since she hit puberty. She has used a numerous amount of acne products that have either worsen the skin or did not improve it at all. As I was working, I came across Beauty Konture and I chose to use it as a way to get rid of my oily skin. When I used it I realized this is the perfect product for me so I told my mom about it and had her use it as well. Within two weeks of using the Beauty Konture, I began to see her skin clearing. A few months later everyone could see the dynamic change. She always tell me she cant go a day without her product because it is essentially a drug for her skin that has helped tremendously.

Susan NYC
I've shared my brief experience with you and your product with quite a number of people because I was not only impressed by the way the product worked, I was equally impressed by your sense of caring. This speaks volumes of your character, and certainly is a clear reflection of your success as a business woman.

You don't stumble upon compassion that often in the business world. Thank you again.